Website manual

If you took the Swab2know test, you can pick up your result by logging into your account.

Each test result is linked to a unique sample code and an email address. This means that the test result is only available when you are logged in with your own email address, and after you have provided the correct sample code. Please note that it can take up to one week before the test result is available.

We'll contact you (by email) when your result is available on the website.

Creating an account

You can create an account by clicking on the ‘register’ button at the top of the webpage. To create an account, you only need to provide an email address and a phone number. You'll receive a randomly generated password via email that can be used to log into the website.

Logging into your account

To log in, use the ‘log in’ button at the top of the webpage. Log in with your email address and the password you received by email. If you forget your password, you can receive a new password by email by choosing the option ‘Forgot password?’. Don't forget to agree with the terms of use, or you won't be able to proceed.

Check your test result

Check your result by entering the unique sample code once you’re logged in. The result is shown immediately. Each test result is linked to a unique sample code. This result can only be checked when you are logged into the website (with your email address) and after providing the correct sample code.

Update your account

Once you’re logged in, you can adapt your account information and your password.