Safe Sex: Condoms and lubricant

Which condoms do you buy? Where do you get them in Belgium? And how to use them?


Getting condoms and lubricant

In Belgium you can buy condoms and lubricant in most grocery shops, pharmacists, night shops, sex shops and shops selling health products. When buying condoms look for the CE-label on the packing, as it guarantees quality. Buy water based or silicone based lubricant. In most sex venues you will find free condoms and lubricant. Ask for them at the counter.



For most men a standard sized condom fits best. Buy smaller condoms if they slip off your penis. Buy bigger ones if the condom doesn't fit. 



Use water- or silicone based lubricant. Water based lubricant dries out more quickly, but silicone based lubricant is harder to clean up and can make stains. Oil based lubricant can cause the condom to break, so don't use olive oil or hand cream.


Using condoms and lubricant 

If you've never used condoms before, practice a few times while you're on your own. How to use a condom:

  • Check the expiry date. An expired condom rips easily.
  • Don't damage the condom when taking it out of the wrapper with your fingernails, teeth...
  • When the penis is stiff, pinch the top of the condom shut between your thumb and index finger. This reservoir is there to catch the ejaculated sperm during an orgasm. If you don't do this before rolling down the condom, the condom might rip.
  • Put the condom, while still pinching the top, on your penis and with your other hand roll the condom down your penis. So don't just pull the condom over your penis, but roll it down. Roll it as much down as possible. If the condom won't roll that well it might be inside out. 
  • Always use enough lubricant. Apply enough lubricant on the condom and on the anus. 
  • When pulling out, hold the condom at the bottom of the penis so it doesn't slip off. 
  • Use a new condom every 15 minutes. The longer you fuck the bigger the chance that the condom rips. Apply new lubricant regularly. 
  • Use a condom only once and never put two or more condoms on one penis, they will rip. 


Storing condoms

Store condoms away from heat and do not expose to sunlight. Watch out with the summer heat in the car. You can keep a condom in your wallet for a few weeks. Friction will cause damage to the wrapper and the condom will dry out. Store condoms away from heat and do not expose to sunlight.